Horus Winery, innovation and respect for the environment

There are companies focused on innovation and respect for the environment besides technological systems, equipments and employees. This is the case of our winery, that has been operating from some months now. Harmoniously immersed among neat and ordered rows of vines, it is perfectly integrated into our rural landscape. On the outside, the building is completely clad in exposed cork: it is the first eco-friendly winery in Sicily made with a high thermal insulation natural material, thus resulting in considerable energy savings strengthened by solar panels plants extending under a blue sky.

All stages of wine production are enclosed and preserved inside the winery, which is equipped with modern facilities, temperature-controlled storage rooms for barriques, as well a small laboratory for periodical analyses. The combination of a traditional production, strongly linked to the territory, and more innovative processes, always in dialogue with the surrounding nature, is what has led us to the design of this architectural structure.

Our winery fully embraces our business philosophy, that of a young company aimed at the production of wines made from grapes grown in accordance with principles of organic farming and in line with a sustainable development model based on the principles of resources protection and enhancement with full respect of the environmental balance.

We will be very pleased to welcome all those willing to visit the cellar to taste our wines and to know more about our small enterprise!

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